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We believe in quantum

At Classiq, we believe that quantum algorithms should be limited only by ingenuity and imagination, not by laborious gate-level design. That’s why we built a software platform that helps quantum teams automate the process of converting high-level functional models into optimized quantum circuits.

a quantum revolution

With our revolutionary Quantum Algorithm Design platform, quantum teams can create quantum algorithms that were impossible to create otherwise. Upgrade from gate-level design into a quantum world limited only by your imagination.

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Amir navehLinkedin
Amir naveh
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Nir MinerbiLinkedin
Nir Minerbi
Co-Founder & CEO
DR. yehuda navehLinkedin
DR. yehuda naveh
Co-Founder & CTO
ofek kirznerLinkedin
ofek kirzner
Shai LevLinkedin
Shai Lev
VP Operations & Partnerships
Dr. Shmuel UrLinkedin
Dr. Shmuel Ur
Director IP strategy
Henry AinouzeLinkedin
Henry Ainouze
VP Sales
Simon FriedLinkedin
Simon Fried
VP Business Development & Marketing

IDE & Analyzer

lior gazitLinkedin
lior gazit
Lior PremingerLinkedin
Lior Preminger
Sara KischLinkedin
Sara Kisch
Matan CohenLinkedin
Matan Cohen
Gal WinerLinkedin
Gal Winer


yoni zimmermannLinkedin
yoni zimmermann
Dr. Eyal CornfeldLinkedin
Dr. Eyal Cornfeld
Dor HarpazLinkedin
Dor Harpaz
Tal MichaeliLinkedin
Tal Michaeli
Ron CohenLinkedin
Ron Cohen

Infrastructure & Execution

Shahak LahavLinkedin
Shahak Lahav
Jonathan DanielLinkedin
Jonathan Daniel
Or OstrovskyLinkedin
Or Ostrovsky
Roi GarfunkelLinkedin
Roi Garfunkel
May (Shvets) KotekLinkedin
May (Shvets) Kotek
Roie FiensodLinkedin
Roie Fiensod
Gil HallelLinkedin
Gil Hallel
Ofer NagariLinkedin
Ofer Nagari


Roman ShapiraLinkedin
Roman Shapira
Ori OpherLinkedin
Ori Opher
Matan VaxLinkedin
Matan Vax


ravid alonLinkedin
ravid alon
Nati ErezLinkedin
Nati Erez
Dr. Israel ReichentalLinkedin
Dr. Israel Reichental
Peleg EmanuelLinkedin
Peleg Emanuel
Nathaniel RosenbloomLinkedin
Nathaniel Rosenbloom

product & algorithm

Maya TsurLinkedin
Maya Tsur
Dr. Tomer GoldfriendLinkedin
Dr. Tomer Goldfriend
Or SamimiLinkedin
Or Samimi
Ariel SmolerLinkedin
Ariel Smoler
Eden SchirmanLinkedin
Eden Schirman


adam goldfeldLinkedin
adam goldfeld
dr. nadav yoranLinkedin
dr. nadav yoran
Tamuz DanzigLinkedin
Tamuz Danzig
Gilad KishonyLinkedin
Gilad Kishony
Tali CohnLinkedin
Tali Cohn
Avi ElazariLinkedin
Avi Elazari


Hannah SageLinkedin
Hannah Sage
Technical Marketing
Dr. Erik GarcellLinkedin
Dr. Erik Garcell
Technical marketing manager

business development

Avi BeharLinkedin
Avi Behar
Senior Partnerships Manager
Vincent van WingerdenLinkedin
Vincent van Wingerden
Business Development Manager Europe
Shir AgassiLinkedin
Shir Agassi
Head of business operations
Guy SellaLinkedin
Guy Sella


Hadas DanLinkedin
Hadas Dan
yam sofferLinkedin
yam soffer
Employee experience & Operations manager
Adva Cohen NaissLinkedin
Adva Cohen Naiss
People and Talent Acquisition Manager


Professor - Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology
Prof. Robert WilleLinkedin
Prof. Robert Wille
Professor - Technical University of Munich

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Classiq In the News

Q.A.D revolutionizes quantum software development regardless of your level of quantum expertise -- accelerating impact for both beginners and experts alike.

Inside the Classiq synthesis engine
Doug Finke relays the status of quantum computing today and its future potential in a recent Quantum Computing Report publication.
Dr. Yehuda Naveh: quantum computing is a strategic technology.
Admiral Mike Rogers and CEO of Classiq, Nir Minerbi, discuss the quantum arms race in a recent Next Gov article.
Classiq Brings Abstraction Layer to Quantum Software Stack
Venture Beat writes about Classiq's collaboration with AWS Braket in a recent publication.
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Events and Webinars


SXSW Organic Qubits Panel

During this session, we will unlock the advantages of harnessing the fundamental particles of the universe to help solve some of society’s most challenging problems via quantum technology with panelists from Harvard, Quantinuum, and our Technical Marketer, Hannah Sage.

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